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Top Bond Aqua

Top Bond Aqua Adhesive" is a acid co-polymer. It provides lasting results for applications like Wood, veneer, mica and board etc. Prefect for furniture/sections having high water exposure or similar usage. Forty-eight hour normal water resistance. One hour boiling water resistance.

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Top Bond SW

Top Bond SW is a durable wood adhesive. Apart from the high spread ability of the product, good flowing properties, quick drying, it carries unmatched bonding strength which makes it a perfect adhesive for the wood furniture industry. It is ideal for all wood furniture applications, pasting of mica, ply, board etc.

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Top Bond D3

The product provides high strength and has water proofing capability to prevent the furniture damage due to water. Its Cross-Linking polymers give it excellent bonding strength and quick drying is a major up to the product's features. Highly apt where furniture/cabinets come in contact with moisture or water for eg:- kitchen cabinets.

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