As one of the pioneers and leaders in the business of plywood and related products, PLYNEWS has been at the forefront when it comes to dealing with dealers, distributors and manufacturers.
The wide range of products and innovation have continuously striven towards building a sustainable level of customer delight ensuring rich value is added to existing business propositions.

As a true industry leader, Plywood deeply realizes that it should cater to one stop place for all requirements and that is why the customer is given a choice to connect with manufacturers anywhere anytime.

We guarantee our customers quality services and affordable pricing that helps in improving and making business simpler. The dealers and distributors remain updated about the latest market trends in the Plywood industry with all latest news and developments.

We cater to a large customer base of more than 1 lakh users with 24*7 customer support in case of any technical assistance or help. The easy to use platform ensure that dealers are fulfilling unique customer requirements with utmost ease.

he manufacturers associated with PLYNEWS are provided with a unique opportunity to enhance their business visibility globally. This is the platform where their brand gets the much needed recognition once the credibility is built with the customers. The new growth opportunities and avenues helps improving business in the longer run.
We are the experts when it comes to understanding of the dealers and distributors requirement and propose value added solutions that suits their business. We ensure that product suppliers and buyers work in close tandem which is good for the market.


Taking into account our rich industry experience and expertise this is the platform where the unique customer requirements are handled in the best possible way. We have been progressing rapidly when it comes to site traffic and regulations which indicates that we have been a step ahead when it comes to rich customer experience and satisfaction.


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