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Film Faced Plywood


Film Faced Plywood Manufacturers

Film faced plywood is another pattern in the market. A plywood that comes in hardwood plywood applications. Which is for the most part utilized in prepared to introduce segments. It's a lightweight plywood which is effectively joined with different materials and simple to reorder.

There are two kinds of film faced plywood normally observed

  • Birch Film Faced Plywood: Which is extremely impervious to water and effortlessly cut and cleaned. One of the fine pressed wood on the planet.
  • Poplar film faced Plywood: A simple to spotless and cut pressed wood however is lighter than birch compressed wood.

Because of having so many reasons to choose this plywood as its first choice, some of its reasons are recorded underneath:-

  • A lightweight and dense product.
  • Excellent durability
  • Multi-used stability is very high
  • High resistant in water
  • High-quality surface of the concrete.
  • Widely used in construction and building
  • Used in the vehicle industry for making transport equipment.
  • Used in furniture making as well.

Because of its sturdiness and effortlessly took care of surface it very well may be utilized in open condition in development and building e.g. stockrooms, railroad wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks and so forth. Covering the film faced plywood with excellent import films guarantees hardness and harm opposition. The surface of the film confronted compressed wood is sterile and impervious to solid cleansers, which is imperative for cultivating developments and capacity of sustenance items. It tends to be utilized in states of high temperature drop, impact of dampness, cleanser cleaning and gives security against termites.

Field of Applications

Due to its reliability, film faced plywood is used in so many applications. Its widely used in so many construction and building projects. And in vehicle industry as well.

Its also used in making different kind of furniture such as chair, table sofa beds etc.

Its used in internal and external design and paneling also.


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