Short Term Courses Undertaken and Organized By IPIRTI at its Mohali Centre

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June 1st 2017 | Ghaziabad

Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute (IPIRTI) -a co-operative research laboratory under the umbrella of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – has been formed to undertake applied research on Plywood, which is an important wood based panel material. Since inception in 1962, the institution is undertaking and organizing training programmes in diverse disciplines for different target groups, starting from the level of technicians to managers on sponsorship basis and also for national and international students.

Because IPIRTI organizes plenty of short-term training programmes and courses, it is able to draw the attention of a number of small and medium scale enterprises.

With a view to upgrade skills of technical personnel in any specialized field of their choice, several short term vocation courses have been conducted by the institute. Some of the key area of specialization includes veneer peeling, panel/sheet manufacture, resin manufacture, testing, standardization and special training in the mode of transfer of technologies.

In order to reach pan India, IPIRTI has conducted a few courses to train rural people who are engaged in bamboo related activities. The training courses hone their skillslike how to mechanize slivering of bamboo which is required to make mat. They are trained to use advanced bamboo technologies.

There are also some short term courses conducted at IPIRTI Field Station, Mohali. These courses are designed to develop skills in individual regarding manufacturing and testing of wood and wood based panel material.

Listed below are some of the short term courses for 1-5 days on the following disciplines -:

1. Veneer peeling techniques, and peeling & knife grinding
2. Knife grinding practices for peeler and slicer knives
3. Production management in plywood industry
4. Trouble shooting in plywood manufacture
5. Testing of panel products
6. Plywood Manufacturing Technology-I (Veneer processing, log storage, centering, peeling, clipping, drying and knife grinding)
7. Plywood Manufacturing Technology-II (Economic adhesive, resin manufacture, gluing, hot pressing)

Some other course include Flitching of logs, veneer slicing, matching and knife grinding, resin manufacturing, pre-pressing and hot pressing, Block board and Flush Door Manufacturing, Sawmilling, seasoning, finger-jointing, & glulam techniques, sawmilling and seasoning, Wood seasoning, Good practices in carpentry & wood finishing techniques, Maintenance of Band saws and TCT saws, bamboo primary processing, Bamboo primary processing and Mat making and preservative treatment for Bamboo, Processing of Bamboo Mat Board and Bamboo based housing system, etc.