Eco - Friendly Preservatives

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June 1st 2017 | Ghaziabad

Things You Should Know How Eco friendly Products are Preserved

As the technology advances so does the use of their use. In this day and age, experts are using chemicals like copper, chromium boron and arsenic in order to treat the panel products so that it can stay protected from insect and termite attack and also to enhance the service life of the products.

According to the Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute (IPITTI), Chromium (VI) inactivates the enzymes involved in other physiological processes and constrains respiration. Experts are of the view that, chromium(VI) at 10mg/kg body weights are believed to cause liver necrosis, nephritis and death in man.

Thus, Chromium is on the way of its verge. It is banned from being used as it causes environmental pollution. It works anadhesive agent in most of the preservative chemical solutions, so it is important to discover alternative wood preservative chemicals.

In this regard and with some other objectives, IPIRTI has initiated to utilize copper ethanolamine borax based preservative for plywood. These days, chromium is replaced by environment friendly ethanolamine. There are some eco-friendly preservatives such as cashew,neem oil, nut shell liquid and chitin synthesis inhibitors. They have been developed at IPIRTI as they are non-toxic and help improve the service-life of the products